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Effective Dispute Resolution

Our Mission: To provide and promote quality dispute resolution services in all ADR areas, including mediation, arbitration, private-judging, special master services, facilitation, conciliation, and fact-finding.

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W. Jay Hunston, Jr, P.A.


Positive, creative results. When the mediator or facilitator truly believes in the process and the results that can be achieved through proper utilization of the process, there is no limit to the creative solutions which can be designed by parties to a dispute.

- W. Jay Hunston, Jr., P.A.

W. Jay Hunston, Jr, P.A.


An arbitrator owes it to the parties and their attorneys to enter a reasoned award that concisely decides all contested issues, without favoritism to any party or desire to please everyone in hopes of obtaining future arbitration business.

- W. Jay Hunston, Jr., P.A.